Inventory Control Overview

Inventory Control is the centerpiece of the OBS Management System. Probably no other investment you make can impact the profitability of your company more than Inventory. If you have too much, too little or simply the wrong Inventory you cannot maximize sales and profits.

Keeping track of items and quantities is just a minor piece of Inventory Control. We do much more.

Our Purchasing, Sales Processing and Accounts Receivable systems all interact directly with Inventory to give you the tools to properly manage the Inventory you have and the margins you make when you sell it.  From the Inventory system we supply the needed information to other facets of your operations, and from those other activities we gather the needed information to supply you with the tools you need to manage this asset.

As you explore this part of our management system and the related systems you will realize that we truly understand how Inventory Control impacts profits and how well we have integrated this activity with our total management concept.