Payroll Overview

The OBS Payroll system takes the drudgery and a great deal of the time out of the task of paying employees, managing withholding taxes and other deductions, calculating amounts for payroll deposit reports and even printing W2 forms.

Each Employee’s wage rate, tax status and exemptions are defined in advance.  Employees can be assigned to one or more departments if needed for accounting purposes. Sick pay, vacation pay and other special types of payment are also tracked.

Deduction amounts and rates for repeating items like 401K, health insurance, etc, are predetermined.

Federal, state and local withholding tables are set up, normally once per year.

As you enter the hours worked and salary amounts for the period all deductions are calculated automatically. You also have the option to change deduction amounts or add one-time special deductions before final processing.

You can print checks or you can print a check register for handwriting the checks. The system can also handle direct deposit in cooperation with your local bank.

You will have all the necessary reports to submit withholding taxes, 401K matching payments and other distributions of withheld amounts.

You can also print W2 forms or you can print the necessary information for on-line W2 and W3 filings.