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Why buy an OBS Management System ?

Any management system, whether it be automated or manual, is
only useful if it gives you the information and tools you need to
wisely operate your business.

Yes, OBS keeps records of who owes you money and who
you owe money to.
Yes, OBS keeps records of inventory and purchases.
Yes, OBS prints invoices, statements, checks and other reports.
Many computerized systems can do all of that.

But that's not what really matters!

At OBS we pride ourselves on creating software solutions, coupled
with cost effective hardware, which provide
meaningful information and tools.

Completely integrated

With OBS transactions and information
fully integrated in real time.

For example: When you print a sales invoice, the related customer account and inventory files are instantly updated. No waiting for an end-of-day process to know how much the customer now owes or how many of the item are still available for sale.

Installation and training

We sell our systems with complete installation of all hardware and software.
We train you and all of your personnel in
the functions they need to use.

We also offer both on-site and remote maintenence for your computer system and your OBS management software.


How can I better control my inventory and purchasing?

Each item has unlimited history of sales, missed sales and returns.
This allows us to calculate the ideal stocking level for each item.

The system can then recommend purchase orders at any time.
Orders can also be logically increased or decreased according to freight and volume cost requirements.

For seasonal items an order can be built based on specific past time periods.

Can I track missed sales?

Our system records missed sales as well as special ordered item sales.
If this occurs repeatedly on the same items we can then recommend stocking those items.

Can I track special orders and customer back orders?

We record all back orders by date, item and customer.
When the item is received you are notified that it is ordered for someone and you can send it to a sales order immediately.

How can I set proper inventory prices?

By knowing the sales history of each item we can help set price margins differently for more popular or slower moving items.
This maximizes profit potential and allows competitive pricing with other sellers.

Can I sell to some customers at special prices?

Each customer is assigned a base price level.
You can then create exceptions for certain categories of inventory, certain customers or groups of customers.

How can it help my sales people be more productive?

With customer pricing and tax status set up in advance, the sales people are free from calculating proper pricing.

If customers call to check price or availability the order can be held so that it can be recalled without re-entry.

Bar code scanners, online internet access and other tools can also simplify the selling process.

My sales people need to use the internet for product information?

Internet can be enabled at each workstation, allowing your people to access on-line information, without needing to exit from the OBS System.

Can we use barcode scanners?

Scanners can be attached to all workstations. We also integrate with portable data collection units for inventory counting and receiving merchandise.

Can we use electronic catalogs?

For some industries online or interactive catalogs are available.
We work with the vendors of those systems whenever possible.

What about electronic price updating?

Many vendors will furnish electronic price updating services.
In addition, some industries have third party sources for pricing information.
We work with those sources to import this information into your inventory.

How can I streamline billing and invoicing?

Customers can receive billings and statements by email.
This greatly saves expenses for postage, paper and the time involved with billing.
Since the customers get their billing sooner, they will often pay sooner.

Do I need to buy expensive workstations?

Any Windows PC can be a workstation on our system.
This includes laptops, netbooks, and even some tablet computers.

Do I have to replace my printers?

We can use just about any printer on our system.
If they are not already network compatible we can attach devices to enable this as well.

Can my people work from home or on the road.

With a Windows PC or compatible tablet computer they can connect and work from anyplace that has an internet connection.

Can we move our information from our old computer?

We have several methods of getting your data and history into your new OBS system.
This is part of our normal installation process.

Please Contact Us for more information about the OBS Management System or to schedule an on-line demonstration.